Nadine Borst

As a photographer and visual multimedia artist, Nadine graduated from the University of the Arts in Utrecht – NL before building up her current base in Berlin. In Nadines‘ vision on making art, there exist two kinds of convictions. The one revolves around inventing, making and therefore adding something new and unique to the existing world. The second exists out of discovering, uncovering and exposing something unexposed but yet existing in our world.

The second conviction developed in a method that is a leading factor in Nadines‘ work. By exposing, observing, overthinking, discussing, digging up and experiencing, Nadine uncovers important and beautiful stories. She links seemingly minor subjects, trains of thought or ideas to bigger subjects such as climate, the role technology plays in our day to day life, personality disorders and communal bearing strength. Almost all steps taken in the research are part of the final work. The media Nadine chooses to work with, serve the subject. Therefore, she works with photography, video, written text, soundscapes, illustration, graphics, sculpturing and performance.